Underwater and Beach Clean Up


Koh Tao is well known as a tropical haven with spectacular beaches and dive sites. However, constant effort is required to keep them in pristine condition. Debris builds up through a combination of natural and manmade factors, including ocean pollution, land runoff, and irresponsible trash disposal practices. To combat these destructive forces, the environmentally-focused local community organizes regular underwater and beach clean-up events.


Conducting regular underwater and beach clean-ups helps prevent coral reef degradation, ocean pollution, and injuries to marine life. By involving as many interested parties as possible, we can transform the island by removing litter and educating people about the negative impacts of plastic and other harmful non-biodegradable materials. 


The dive sites and beaches we visit for clean-up events are rotated and chosen depending on the urgency of need, current conditions, and logistical requirements. For Spotlight Koh Tao, we’ll be joining forces with local dive centers and community groups at various sites to remove as much trash as possible. 

Join an underwater and beach clean-up! You’ll be given a full safety briefing and all the protective equipment and tools you need to help our experienced team combat debris at dive sites and along our shorelines.


3-9 April 2023



Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR)

Koh Tao Thai Divers Team (KTDT)

Koh Tao Clean-Up Group



Dive sites around Koh Tao



Mae Haad Pier



Minimum age 18

Advanced Open Water certification

Good buoyancy control