Fish Aggregation with Local Fishermen


Koh Tao’s reputation as a world-class diving destination only exists as long as marine life populations thrive. Historically, many Thais in the southern provinces have provided for themselves and their families by fishing. A balance is required to meet the needs of local people while ensuring marine life populations remain healthy. On Koh Tao, local fishermen have mastered the art of fish aggregation to ensure sustainability.


By creating fish aggregating devices (FADs) that mimic natural aggregation devices like logs, seaweed, and coconuts, fishermen can attract and catch pelagic fish safely. Without the danger, wastage, or resulting environmental damage that comes with larger-scale fishing operations like long lining, sustainability can be ensured.


Fish aggregation devices are floating objects that are designed and strategically placed to attract pelagic fish. Man-made FADs are constructed from a variety of materials and usually consist of a buoy or float tethered to an anchor point on the ocean floor.

Join our local fisherman and learn about fish aggregation! You’ll be introduced to the principles of our local FAD systems and learn about their effectiveness and bases for placement before visiting an underwater fish aggregation site to see the practice in action.


3-9 April 2023



Koh Tao Local Fishermen Club



South of Koh Tao



Mae Haad Pier



Minimum age 18

Comfortable snorkeling