Watershed Forest Rehabilitation


Koh Tao is a small island with limited water resources. As a result, some of our conservation efforts focus on protecting our fresh water supply. A watershed is defined as an area of land that catches rainfall and other precipitation. The water bodies supplied by the watershed provide supplies for our kitchens and bathrooms, agriculture, and support the habitats of many plants and animals. 


The quantity and the quality of water resources in our watershed area is dependent on the condition of the forest surrounding it. By properly managing our watershed areas, we aim to maintain ecological balance, minimize the occurrence of floods and droughts, and mitigate some of the adverse effects of climate change.


Learn about watershed management and planting endemic species to protect tropical forests on Koh Tao! You’ll visit our designated watershed area in the north of the island and be taken on a tour of our water storage facilities. You’ll learn how planting endemic plant species and limiting land use helps protect the tropical forest and conserve our watershed areas to safeguard the island’s water supply. 


3-9 April 2023, 08.00AM -12.00PM


Head of Sairee Village

Tel: +66(0)989255495


North Sairee


Rama5 Statue Pavilion, South Sairee


There are no pre-requisites. The Watershed Forest Rehabilitation activity is suitable for both divers and non-divers. Anyone aged 7 and above is welcome to attend.