Coral Reef Rehabilitation 


For decades, Koh Tao has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as a world-class diving destination. However, our coral reefs have suffered from degradation due to both natural and anthropogenic disturbances, including coastal development, sedimentation, destructive fishing, and tourism-related activities. To combat these destructive forces, our environmentally-focused local community has joined forces with private businesses and government organizations to develop coral reef rehabilitation projects.


By transplanting coral fragments onto artificial structures, we aim to create interesting artificial dive sites to alleviate the pressure from existing busy dive sites and maintain a source of healthy young corals that can be used to maintain overall reef health. 


Coral reefs in Thailand are protected by law under legislation passed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE). No touching, removal, or trading of coral is permitted, unless for research purposes. However, severaldive centers on Koh Tao have been granted permission by the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) to conduct reef rehabilitation projects by way of coral transplantation. 

Join one of our reef rehabilitation teams for the day! You’ll learn all about coral propagation and join a dive where you’ll help prepare artificial structures and be introduced to the equipment required for transplantation equipment.


3-9 April 2023

Please note that there is a maximum of 15divers, so booking early is recommended.


8 Local dive centers:

Ban’s Diving (Maximum 24 divers)

Website         Contact number : +66 7745 646 6

FB        IG : bansdivingresort,            Line ID : @bans2645                           Whatsapp: +66952261656

 Black Turtle Dive (Maximum 15 divers)

Webste :                                    Email:

LINE : @blackturtledive                                                     FB           


Contact number: +6677456145         

 Eco Koh Tao-Crystal Dive Resort (Maximum 12 divers)

Webste :                                                                                Email:

FB:                                                    Contact number +66824289825

IG                  Line: @crystaldive


New Heaven Dive School (Maximum 12 divers)                                                              WhatsApp: +66924665988

FB                                                       Contact number: +6677457045




Simple Dive (Maximum 8 divers)

Website                                     Email :

FB : Simple Life Divers                                                                    IG : simplelifedivers

Whatapp :+66870559093                                                               Contact number: +6677456329


Roctopus Dive (Maximum 8 divers)

Big Blue Diving (Maximum 12 divers)

Calypso Diving (Maximum 15 divers)



Ban’s Diving: Central Sairee Reef

Black Turtle Dive: Junkyard, Sairee Reef

Eco Koh Tao-Crystal Dive Resort: Junkyard, Sairee reef

New Heaven Dive School: Ao Luek

Simple Dive: Junkyard, Sairee Reef

Roctopus Dive: Sairee Reef

Big Blue Diving: Northern Sairee Reef

Calypso Diving: Tanote Bay



Your chosen dive center. 


Minimum age 18

Advanced Open Water certification

Good buoyancy control